Group Of Man - What We Got In Common

  • Group Of Man - What We Got In Common
  • Group Of Man - What We Got In Common

Group Of Man - What We Got In Common

'What We Got In Common' is the new 12" EP from Group Of Man.

"We all have lot of things in common, whether you like it not. If you live and work in a big city, the biggest thing that we have in common is that we fucking get pissed off with everyone we encounter." - Chris Barling (Vocals).

Group Of Man came together in the space of a few weeks at the tail end of 2015 after the slow agonising death of MINE. Suckers for punishment and a combined love of punk and classic rock, Chris Barling (ex Hang The Bastard) and Mark Scurr (ex Centurions Ghost) took advantage of Pariso calling it a day and pounced on Stu Anderson AKA The Death Hammer to play bass. After a revolving door of different members and fill ins, the line up is complete with the additions of Joe 'The Real' Watson (Apologies, I Have None) and Dan Mills (ex Hammers).

Recorded by Mischa Hering at Holy Mountain Studios.
Mastered by Dave Cooley at Elysian Mastering in 2017.
Artwork by R N Taylor (

At the time of recording, Group Of Man was:

Mark Scurr - Guitar
Stuart Anderson - Bass
Joe Watson - Drums
Chris Barling - Vocals

Guest vocals by Alex Leat.

Track Listing

  1. Everyone's A Punk These Days
  2. Eraserhead
  3. That Good Kinda Glue
  4. The Machine Stops Whirring
  5. Quit Waiting Around
  6. Can't Hack The Straight Life

Pressing Information

250 x Black 180g 12"

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